Waibl GmbH has been active in development & construction and mechanical manufacturing for over 40 years,. The family company was established in 1972. In the early years, the company was run as a pure family business and then further expanded by Armin Waibl. Since 1999, the company has been run by the second generation. In 2001, the company increased its size with a further production hall. Efforts are now focused on innovations and ensuring a continuous renewal of high-precision machines, as well as patents. In 2003, a group of companies was created with the Company futureblech AG. In 2014, another company, ZELENKA AG, with 88 years experience, was successfully integrated into the group of companies.  

Currently, the strong and dedicated team of Waibl GmbH operates in two production halls with an integrated design office.  

We are an experienced and reliable partner especially in the field of prototyping and production of small series. We specialise in the production of complex parts and comprehensive assemblies. Thanks to our modern machinery and our engineering and design office, we are involved in everything connected with mechanical engineering and precision engineering. Why not benefit from our experience and let us transform your ideas into reality.

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