The patented FK 90/15 (Pat. No. DE 196 50 284) is a rotatable and swivelling milling head for machining foam and clay models. It is operated as a measuring head of the tool holder of a stand coordinate measuring machine (e.g. Zeiss, Mora, Wenzel, Stiefelmayer etc.), and is suitable for fast and precise machining of models directly on the measuring plate.

In order to work as efficiently as possible, the FK 90/15 can be tilted and swivelled and can be locked at 15° repeatable steps. The tip of the milling tool always remains at the same position so that renewed calibration upon changing the machining direction is unnecessary. The time required for corrections or changes to a model on the measurement plate is thus reduced to a minimum.

The power supply and speed control of the spindle drive is effected via a compact control unit, which is connected via a cable to the milling head and may be placed separately on the machine. It is only necessary to provide a 230V power supply.

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