welded construction

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In general, we can process all weldable materials

We can process all weldable materials for you. All have common materials in stock. We will be pleased to source other materials for you.

Complete processing to delivery

Numerous other operations and production processes are usually required for the manufacture of welded structures in addition to the welding, e.g. annealing, milling, sand blasting, painting, powder coating etc. We can handle all normal operations associated with welding in our group of companies and partners.

Manufacturing to the tightest tolerances

In the manufacture of welded constructions, we specialise in sophisticated designs placing high demands on the accuracy of the welding and any further mechanical processing steps. Our testing facilities also enable us to measure large components and structures with micrometer accuracy and to create test protocols. You can obtain more detailed information about our portfolio in our performance survey. You will find detailed information about our offering under our service Measuring

Production examples of welded constructions:

  • Machine beds and machine frames
  • Machine baseplates
  • Machine tables and guide carriages
  • Machine covers and housings
  • Mechanical parts/components
  • Containers
  • Mounting devices
  • Pressure vessels and boilers
  • Lift tables
  • shaker testrack and testrack for atmospheric change, extremely stable and precise!

We can offer cost-effective conventional welding processes within our group of companies - from MAG welding to spot welding.



NumberDesignationWork range  in mm
8 MAG-welding machines  
5 TIG-welding machines  
1 Welding table 2000 x 1000
1 Welding table 3000 x 1500
4 Puncturing tongs Overall puncturing thickness max. 5 mm
1 Puncturing machine Overall puncturing thickness max. 5 mm
1 Dalex projection welding press  
1 Soyer bolt-firing machine  1000 x 800
3 Soyer bolt-firing handset  
3 Rehm Invertig TIG-welding machines
2 Rehm Synergic Pro MAG-welding machines
1 Positioner horizontal - vertical
2 ATIG 200PAC AC/DC to 200A
1 Weldi MIG 322  to 320A
1 Autogenous welder  
2 MAG-welding machines  
2 TIG-welding machines  
1 Plasma cutter  to a thickness of 10 mm
1 Brazing and soldering  


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