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Our complete and extremely high-performance machine pool covers all the essential processing steps (cutting, punching, bending, welding, mechanical processing) and enables the production of sheet metal parts and sheet metal assemblies of almost every size and in every batch size.

Our modern laser cutting, laser stamping and punching machines from the well-known German manufacturer Trumpf, guarantee highly precise and burr-free production. The comprehensive tool set enables the production of many angled shapes. Individual tools are rapidly manufactured in-house. Curved, rounded, embossed or stepped, any shape is possible. From acute angled short sections to impression-free clean and precise radii.

In principle, we can cut all materials

Material thicknesses from 0.05 mm up to 25 mm are no problem. We cut steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass. We use waterjet cutting for gold, silver, Teflon, granite and other materials. We have worked for many years with well-known and leading partners in order to guarantee process reliability.

Flexible and short-order production

We are able to respond flexibly through our professionally competent team and a wide variety of CNC production machines. By specialising in batch-size "prototypes", individual items and special designs as well as small series, we can guarantee fast delivery times.

Everything "turnkey-ready" from a single source

Further steps are frequently required for sheet metal parts, for example, welding, assembly or industrial painting. All related operations can be handled in our group of companies and partners. The decisive advantage for you is that we control all the processes involved in your order right up to delivery of your production parts - you will receive "turnkey-ready" sheet metal parts directly from us.  

You will find information about additional processing steps and our performance range under Performance.


NumberDesignationWork range in mm
1 Trumpf TruMatic 3000, TruDisc + SheetMaster 2500 x 1250
1 Trumpf Trumatic L5030 3000 x 1500
1 Trumpf Trumatic TC 500R 2500 x 1250
1 Bistronic BySprint 3KW 3000 x 1500
1 Cameo Legend 36EXT laser marking 900 x 600 x 350


NumberDesignationWork range in mm
2 Trumpf TruBend 5130 3000
1 Trumpf Trumabend V1700 3000
1 Trumpf Trubend 5085 2000
1 Trumpf TrumaBend V50 1200
1 RAS Gigabend 3000
2 Roll bending machine 1200


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