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We are able to machine all metals.

We usually process metals such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, bronze or copper. We also have experience with the processing of materials such as plastics of all kinds, as well as titanium and alloys and casting materials.

If you have any unusual material requirements and in case of doubt, please contact us.

Extensive processing methods

Thread cutting, flow drilling, countersinking, reaming, drilling, blind holes. This represents only a sample of our precision-engineering processing options. Precise and modern conventional column drills in a good range, constantly renewed tools and highly qualified precision mechanics ensure impeccable quality.


Mechanical production

NumberDesignationWorkrange in mm
1 Müller eccentric press 650 x 500
1 Müller eccentric press 950 x 650
1 Kindsmüller hydraulic press 600 x 1000
2 Column drilling machine  
1 Powerflex thread-cutting Working radius 900
1 Lathe lead and cross-feed spindle manual
3 Ixion drilling machines MK 2-3
1 Alzmetall AB flow box column drilling machine suitable for thermal flow drilling
1 Radial drilling machine RB40/12  
3 Toggle presses  
1 PEM-Serter - press-in machine  Series 4
3 Roll bending machines Manufacturer and Large Client Div.
1 Pneumatic thread-cutting machine  
3 Conventional drilling and thread-cutting machines  


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