Measurements are required to test tolerances. Depending on the size of the component, we can do this for you. 3D measuring of milled or turned parts is accomplished with the help of our 3D measuring machine. However, we can also set up large welded structures as well as a chassis with driving axles, and measure them accordingly. In addition, we can carry out precision balancing up to a diameter of 400mm. The maximum measuring range is given the table below.

quality assurance

Quality as it should be!

To meet high quality standards, we ensure our normal level with our in-house quality control. Our precisely-working professionals use tested and calibrated measurement tools. We measure the components not only in the finished state, but during the process as well. Final quality is ensured through the use of advanced measurement systems. The fulfilment of the strictest test criteria is documented and verified according to the relevant measurement protocols. Our quality management system according to DIN ISO 9001: 2008 is common practice for us. Deficiencies are corrected, staff trained constantly, and quality perception constantly refreshed and improved.  
As a supplier for well-known companies in the automotive industry and aerospace, we are used to meeting the highest quality requirements.
  • Incoming goods inspection
  • Component-accompanying production control
  • Decrease in the number of suppliers
  • Decrease in the need for presence of the customer
  • Reporting in case of deviations
  • Periodic review of the measuring equipment used
  • Use of stationary measuring machines
  • EDP archiving


Measuring machines:

NumberDesignationWork range in mm
2 HC1 Digital height measuring machines 1200 x 800 x 700
1 Ground level double stand measuring machine 3500 x 5500 x 2000
1 3D measuring machine 600 x 400 x 350
1 Precision balancing machine Part weight max. 40kg / max. D 400
1 ground leveled double stand measuring machine* 5400 x 1600 x 1800
1 double stand measuring machine* 6000 x 1600 x 200
*Measurement software: Faro Cats Polyworks 2017


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