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Outsourcing assembling is a good way to reduce procurement costs and simplify your internal logistics.

Apart from individual parts and series, we produce complete assemblies, which we can assemble for you before delivery. During production, all components are monitored to ensure perfect matching in the subsequent assembly. This allows us to quickly detect construction difficulties and implement any necessary changes. Should any changes be necessary, we will work with you on developing new solutions.

We have a sophisticated system for assemblies. Regardless of whether we produce or purchase the parts, the assembly is treated as a project and monitored. As all the workstation interfaces are in our assembly workshop, we are able to assemble the assembly in our module calmly and carefully, while constantly paying attention to operability, and we ae regularly in contact with our customers to this end.

This shows the great advantage of Zelenka, because we manufacture 70% in-house. Thus, there are no lengthy lead times. We always find the right solution through our knowhow, experience, flexibility and creativity.  

In addition, we offer the option of procuring parts (e.g. electric, pneumatic and hydraulic components) and integrating them in the assembly.

On-site installation

If you want us to assemmble your produced parts, this can be done quickly and reliably by our competent professionals. Please talk to us.  

You will find information about additional processing steps and our performance range under Performance.



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